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Hi! I'm Vlad Averin, Principal Software Engineer and Consultant at Orbitum Labs, and your single point of communication and responsibility for the value we provide to your business. Whatever your goals are — we can start with a simple talk. I'll be happy to answer your questions, offer friendly advice, or propose solutions for free.



Concept & User Experience

Let's figure out the best mobile experience you can provide your customers with. Years of building user interfaces for all kinds of interaction let us offer you plenty of options.

Visual Design

Starting with quick prototypes to shape concepts, we are building enjoyable and market-oriented product appearance while maintaining your unique identity.

Development & Testing

Our iterative agile approach lets you test and tweak product features every short period of time to make sure there is an added value on every step of development.

Product Strategy

Your expectations combined with our suggestions form a roadmap to ensure the long-term benefits and optimise your investments. There is a right time for every feature to be introduced.


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Communicative and creative, Orbitum Labs is a success-oriented partner. The team's innovative approach resulted in an enhanced UX. The app now experiences a higher level of usage. They complete tasks quickly without sacrificing product quality. The team takes pride in their work, always notifying us of long-term issues with potential solutions. What's more, they have a creative working style and frequently offer alternative solutions and suggestions.

Shamsu Bhaidani, CEO at HatchTank

Vlad went beyond simple software design and offered practical and thoughtful product guidance as well. He is reliable, FAST and always eager and available to jump into a problem. He integrated himself so well into our processes that it never felt "remote". I look forward to working with him for years to come, as he is such a gem — a great culture fit, an architectural leader, a solid software engineer, a thoughtful product designer, and a thoughtfully smart friend.

Erik Jones, CEO at Jacobian Engineering

It will be hard to find somebody who can match the same high-level skillset that Vlad has to offer, while also being extremely enjoyable to communicate with. He also helps me understand how something could be completed more efficiently, or suggests a different feature that would fit with my project. I cannot thank him enough for his contribution and hard work to help my startup over the past 2 years.

Kris Goodier, Founder at MyBabyMilestones



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