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Founder, Mobile Solutions Consultant

"We're happy to provide startups and established brands with Insights and Expertise to build the best apps they deserve, helping to reach mobile audience and benefit from presence on the world’s most popular platforms"



Baby Milestones Live

Baby Milestones Live, the very first App in its niche, is already in Top Paid chart of the App Store, with literally thousands of reviews and nearly solid 5-star average rating! It combines powerful photo & video processing technology with brilliant, uniquely crafted artwork and intuitive user experience, to create funny pictures, Live Photos and GIFs that are ready to be shared over a number of supported social and messaging services.


Sushi Guru

SushiGuru provides you with a searchable database of over 200 entries of Japanese and English names of sushi (すし・寿司). With beautiful pictures, authentic japanese pronunciations, up-to-date health warnings, SushiGuru is the best application available for seafood lovers. The world's best encyclopedia includes photography, native pronunciation, nutritional information, and descriptions of fish used in sushi.

Split My Bill

Always wanted to get an individualized check when you’re eating in a group but didn’t want to burden the waiter? This tip calculator will calculate the tip, tax, and total for each person based on what food/drink items ordered. Get a more precise and accurate amount of what you should pay in a group check.




uCanNoteit can be useful to casual users who want to mark up photos or screen captures and professionals like property managers, engineers and landscape architects that need to issue specific instructions to workers on site. uCanNoteit is a quick and easy way to communicate much more with your images.


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