The Problem

The client had a set of outdated mobile applications that didn't let them fully use the mobile market potential due to limited user experience and lack of iterative design, engineering and quality assurance processes. HatchTank invited us to bring a new life into the product to make it the key part of the platform. We had to be careful and keep their existing customers happy while responding to their demand for new break-through technologies that mobile platforms have to offer.

The Solution

Based on given use cases and insights from existing users' behavior we decided to design and create both iOS and Android apps from scratch, while maintaining 100% compatibility with the rest of the platform, including web application. Our innovative approach to collaboration and testing did let us deliver early results to the market and collect feedback to fine-tune the experience for maximal value for everyone. The resulting product is packed with unique features making it one of the most competitive qualitative research solutions on the market, and we keep integrating new things on a regular basis.


The team's innovative approach resulted in an enhanced UX. The app now experiences a higher level of usage. They complete things quickly without sacrificing product quality. The team takes pride in their work, always notifying us of long-term issues with potential solutions.

Shamsu Bhaidani, CEO at HatchTank





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